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Perhaps at the forefront of all our financial plans should be that of protection.

Our financial dreams and goals are dependent on a number of factors and protection over income and assets should be of prime concern to us all.

The death, illness or accident of a family member can have a devastating effect emotionally and financially. Insufficient life assurance will not be enough to support survivors and will not help if illness leads to loss of income.

There is a vast array of products and solutions on the market place today designed to protect against a range of eventualities- term assurance, whole of life, critical illness and permanent health insurance. Some polices can be combined with unit-linked and investment elements. A complete protection solution may also utilise the benefits of trusts to ensure the right money is provided to the right people at the right time.  Each specific arrangement has a function and, using the right combination, allows you to build a strategy which suits the needs of your family and/or your busines.